About Me

I am a single solo traveler looking for destinations that will both challenge and inspire me at the same time.

I'm looking to continue growing as an individual, striving to become as open minded as one can, experiencing as many perspectives as possible.

My style of travel would be a hybrid of backpacking mixed in with 4-5 star hotels.  I like to avoid the cabs and shuttles and walk as much as possible.  I will walk for miles!  I will look for the little shops in the corner looking for any deal possible, and eat local as much as I can....I love food!  I do gravitate to adventure and taking risks.  I also like to get off the beaten path....sure I'l see all the main sites, but with a twist.

Traveling by train is another passion of mine.  Being able to watch the landscape zip past without being hassled is great.  Rail lines seem to reveal the true nature of a country cloaked behind the stereotypical curtain most tourists only get to see...so I quite often see some pretty interesting stuff.

Traveling solo without being able to share accommodation while still traveling in comfort does have it's challenges, but one I'm willing to take on!

For activities, my true passion is skiing!  I've skied all over Canada and the US, and several years ago in Japan which I hope I have the pleasure to repeat.  I enjoy golf, especially in Phoenix and the Rockies.  I also like anything that involves adrenaline...some thought I would grow out of this...I didn't lol.

Note: I only post my significant travels...so no detailed reports on the following trips I've been lucky to experience:

  • Costa Rica (twice)
  • Nicaragua
  • Thailand (twice)
  • Hawaii (Oahu 7 times, Maui once, Kauai once)
  • Japan
  • Mexico (3 times)
  • Cuba
  • Saint Lucia
  • Europe (Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany)
  • 30+ states in the US
  • S Korea
  • Barbados
  • Bahamas

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