Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Occupy Calgary, government, and Canada in general

I've been posting on Lonely Planet for about a year, giving travel advise on Canada, Thailand, and the US in general.  Recently the topic of "Occupy" came up.  One guy in particular (busman7), spewed so much crap on how Canada's capitalism was the worst in the world, our heathcare sucked, and so on and so forth.

Against Jens interest, here are a few phrases from his website...

  • When times were good, before capitalism ran amok, we in the middleclass were too busy living the dream to pay attention to the increase in the simple serpent sector, where more & more, of these nonproductive citizens, waddled up to the trough to slurp the life blood from the economy. The top tier also formed little fiefdoms where trod over the rights of the taxpayers who paid their bloated salaries. The rich were making too much money (and still are) to care, those too lazy to work were well looked after on welfare to worry & of course the politicians were busy lining their pockets to care what was happening.
  • Some/most lived their lives as wage slaves doing the bidding of others but receive some form of pension to augment the pittance the simple serpents deem adequate for productive members of society. They may even also have savings that bring next to nil interest in a bank account or they can gamble on the, elite controlled, stock/bond markets.
  • Yep it’s a great society we, in the west, have let the government simple serpents fashion for us.

As you can see, guys like this are not a positive contribution to society....hmmm, this kinda reminds me of... OCCUPY.  What you have is a bunch of bums in their 20s-40s loitering in public spaces because the feel they were wronged.  They feel the rich are greedy, the poor are forgotten.  What you have is people who feel they are in a unique situation...when really, this has been going on for centuries.  Dont hate the rich.  First, look into the mirror, then judge.

It takes elbow grease, long nights studying, 2 jobs, trial and error, and so forth, to have any chance of getting ahead.  It is waaaay too easy blaming the government.  Think about it; these leaches are squatting on weekdays...they are not working....which as a result, wont be able to afford rent.  ALL my friends are doing fine, why, because they are all normal citizens contributing to society.  Some work for themselves, some for unions, some for oil companies, but all do what it takes to get by, and even prosper.  They don't fight for clean heroin injection sites, they don't fight for better welfare, or better credit card rates.  

2 groups come under fire for our "apparent" sad times...Banks and the PC government.

A)  Banks (I will agree) have several bloated salaries in every organization, BUT, crazy enough, our powerful evil banks here in Canada (some of the best in the world) helped our country and others get out of our last recession.  Unlike the US and Europe, we came out of it very rosy (compared to the rest of the world).  We all should be happy our money is as stable as it is.  When you see something work for DECADES....why not join them, I did.  I bought their stocks and enjoy a healthy dividend every quarter.  Why fight it like the occupy morons.

B)  PC's.  Il make this quick.  One of the better governments I've seen in a long time.  Gun registry...gone, Senators...soon to be gone, murder rates, falling.  No one else had the balls to do this, but its the right choice, just not clear to some of these urban folk.  They put our economy first...and from that, everything else follows.  We then will have the funds for the environment (where current progress is quite impressive), the infrastructure, the arts (yawn), and so forth.

People, we are in good times, not oppressive times.  There is potential to make money out there, if you look.  So get off your lawn chair, step away from your $20 organic granola, and dream big, because its not all doom and gloom as made out by these oppressive douches...hmmm, that reminds me....

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